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PK Jazz Collective
    City Astrakhan
    Country Russia

Most Viewed Albums

Analog Analog
Love's Secret Love's Secret
7 7
Just Unsorted Just Unsorted
Youth Aspirations Youth Aspirations
Summa Technologiae Summa Technologiae
Pearls of our Life Pearls of our Life
Unpredictable Feelings Unpredictable Feel...
Mosaic Mosaic
The Farewell The Farewell
4x4 4x4
Red-Headed Woman Red-Headed Woman

Pk jazz Collective is a jazz-rock internet-project created in May 2012. The founder and sole shareholder is actually Korotin Vyacheslav. The project has five releases, three of which came out on independent labels. Musical style - fusion, jazz-rock, psychedelic rock.

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