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PK Jazz Collective
    City Astrakhan
    Country Russia

Most Viewed Albums

Analog Analog
Love's Secret Love's Secret
Just Unsorted Just Unsorted
Youth Aspirations Youth Aspirations
7 7
Summa Technologiae Summa Technologiae
Pearls of our Life Pearls of our Life
The Farewell The Farewell
Red-Headed Woman Red-Headed Woman
Mosaic Mosaic
Unpredictable Feelings Unpredictable Feel...
4x4 4x4

Pk jazz Collective is a jazz-rock internet-project created in May 2012. The founder and sole shareholder is actually Korotin Vyacheslav. The project has five releases, three of which came out on independent labels. Musical style - fusion, jazz-rock, psychedelic rock.

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