• I have a label , can I add new releases?...

    It's definitely on the 'todo' list, but currently there isn't even a roadmap for this.
    Best advice, upload to, register at discogs as a label. Notify us when done and we'll add your release.

  • No rating

    Just indicates that it slipped attention., hence not rated yet.

  • Our label isn't listed at all..

    Please leave a note and include the link, we're happy to learn about your releases.

  • I make music too. Can I release here?

    No, we are not a label.
    Take your time to choose a label that gives you the exposure you deserve. Check the labels on this site, some are very committed to their work.

  • Bitrate

    releases with bitrates below 320 cbr/vbr don't get listed in most cases.

    128 kbps never.

  • Tagging

    For now it is advertised as beta. It takes a period of time until all is nicely tagged and I drop the beta status.
    I you feel bugged by a release that has been tagged
    totally wrong, feel free to send me a message.

  • Glitches, Improvements

    Suggestions for improvements are welcome!
    Glitches are less welcome but may appear now and then.
    In both cases you could send a note.

  • Video / Soundtacks

    No, you cannot just grab anything for your video project. It's all about licenses. Here's how

  • Bandcamp

    cctrax provides unrestricted access to music. No captcha, no email, no registration no bullshit.

    Bandcamp does not comply with those basic rules. That's why cctrax doesn't link to there.

    Nothing wrong for a label/artist going the bandcamp road.

  • Links to release pages

    For years cctrax had provided backlinks to label websites generating traffic for them. To date, out of + 200 netlabels just ~5 labels linked back.
    Guys, music doesn't promote on its own! Get your shit together, try to find out what the prefix 'Net' in Netlabel might mean.

    Until then - no more links, no more profile pages for you.