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Best Of No-Source Vol. 1

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Label:No Source.            
Tags:singer/songwriter acoustic
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0  more info

No Source.  (Label) says:

Tracks from No-Source Netlabel 2009-2010. Contains a previously unreleased  track, a remix of a track by Uniform Motion from Full-Source.

01) Uniform Motion - Earthly Diamond
02) Rho - And More Rain
03) Hot Molasses - The Chief
04) Cocolixe - A Day of Happiness
05) Sekotis - Littlefield
06) Oculoss - Hollow Hour Hand
07) Multi-Panel - Sway
08) Rho - K-Eyes
09) Will Bangs - Dresden Mills
10) Background Radiation - Need The Constant
11) Selbyville - Quiet the Uproar
12) pEACEFANg - Spring Breezes
13) Myll - The Flash
14) Wacky Southern Current - This Summer From NS021
15) Eleven Steps - Sand Worn Shade From NS001
16) B for Brontosaurus - Untitled From NS004
17) Uniform Motion - The Pen Fallacy (Full-Source Remix)

November 1st 2013 - NEWS / RELEASE
No-Source closes its doors today after over 4 years. Time to move on to other projects... It has been a fantastic adventure. We made some great friends and met many wonderful musicians along the way.