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Complex Silence 27

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Label:Treetrunk Records            
Catalog:treetrunk 236
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

Treetrunk Records  (Label) says:

For Complex Silence 27 Mister Vapor offers a remixed and reinterpreted version of his release "Music For Transit."

The new longform piece is a 7-part suite:

1. Waveborn 1
2. Pacific Reef 1
3. Meditative Darkness 1
4. Pacific Tides 1
5. Waveborn 2
6. Pacific Reef 2
7. Meditative Darkness 2

The best word to describe Complex Silence 27 is meditative and Mister Vapor takes us on a slowly undulating and watery trip through primeval currents, reefs, and tides. It evokes a sense of time, warping backward to me. But whether or not this is a trip backward or forward through oceans of time, the musical journey is more important than the destination.

This music feels like its wrapped in constancy, warmth, and safety. This isn't a fearful trek through dark waters. But it also isn't entirely peaceful, blissful, endlessly rocking on the surface. There is a measure of uncertainty while we are in transit, too. It feels like a descent, but what's at the bottom (if there is one) isn't sinister.

As with all Mister Vapor music, something mysterious is happening (or is about to) and I think this is the particular gift that Thomas Park gives his music and brings to his listeners--an open and interpretive aspect that leaves entirely up to you, the listener, what the journey through his sound world might hold and unfold. Thomas understands that the transition occurs in the most imaginative place in the universe--your own mind.

And, in common with classic ambient music, you can let this longform piece loop in the background for hours or you can listen actively. Either way it works and works well. And that's why it's the perfect offering for the Complex Silence Series. Beautiful. Mysterious. Abstract. A story without an ending.

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