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Waiting In The S.k.y.

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Genre:modern classical
Tags:piano electronica
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

Laverna  (Label) says:

I never managed to get in touch with numbers, I always saw them as alien entities,
enemies lying in wait ready to attack any bearer of free thought. Addition,
subtraction, division, equations, multiples, prime numbers, algebra,
mathematics, algorithms! Attacks of uncontrollable anxiety, confrontation
impossible with a hard, cold matter such as graphite shielding, hides and does
not allow to understand what is happening behind the sharp black conceals. An
impossible relationship lasted for years and not resolved who suffered a
breakthrough nothing short of magical encounter with a computer esotericism
teacher, someone who knows literally interpret and share, explaining it, the
ethics of numbers and machines that use them as an expressive language.
Massimiliano Scordamaglia knows communicate with the abstract and cold universe
of computing and while it does succeed in explaining, illuminating it, that
side always dark regarding the generation of the calculation that gives life to
ethereal music and fascinating creatures. generative music for humanists, away
from heavy rigid dogmas of contemporary doctrine, in a continuous exchange that
creates incredible lightness educated and enlightening knowledge of a world far
distant and inaccessible. A lecture that Laverna has the honor to host and
distribute free of charge, as is his beloved habit.

- Mirco Salvadori