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Colors EP

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Released: May 2018
Country: Finland
Label: Phonocake            
Catalog: phokes130
Release: release
Genre: electronica
Tags: electronica
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Phonocake (Label) says:

After a final winter stupor we gaze into the rays of closer photons and see Matti T's latest color expressions, in both his visual artwork and also four new tracks he brings to us. New in style is a more dancefloor like track whose musical direction we already could feel in the Teppana release, a group in which Matti T is a member in. The trance like positive vibes guide us into an ambivalent beauty of a strong electronica track. Sunbeams will increase the spirit and the final track will guide you into another realm, moving and somehow rocking.
Dance in the easy chair, with a bittersweet taste of love, loss and hope, amidst a space opera.

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