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Phonocake  (Label) says:

Every day there is summer at some place on planet earth. If not currently in your town we can offer you a hot deal: Seven times Italian soul singer KALI with a bit of GRILLO remix and a lot of KAPPAH beats and mixing. Unbeatable Free Audio worldwide. For the everyday inner sun. Singer KALI from Udine, Italy brings some live band like sound to Phonocake. Her music is the bridge between soulful popcultural sounds and the creative world of beats and clicks represented by beatmakers KAPPAH and the invited GRILLO. In the tracks you can find the bass/keyboard/singing combinations, which are more or less unusual for phonocake netlabel, but fine in the thread of releases by disrupt, tinitus, beat.dowsing and audiophil, who represent an relaxed n souly beats and sometimes singer style, not being afraid of guitars too.

With this release we keep the weekly release rhythm, that we started with the four volumes of the Disco Zambra Remixes. Let's see if we can keep this timing.