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From Sparkling Hours In Stillness

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Released: January 2013
Label: Silent Flow            
Catalog: SLNT48
Release: release
Genre: jazz
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Silent Flow (Label) says:

"From sparkling hours in stillness" is an otherworldly score devoted to nostalgic awareness, to deep thoughtfulness, to the feelings of loss and remembrance

1. Intro [01:23]
2. By The Valley Of Buried Hopes [02:41]
3. About A Dead Pond Bathered By Moonlight [02:29]
4. The Wheel Of Brooding Memories [03:19]
5. Fragment [03:18]
6. An Other Way [03:00]
7. Evanescence [03:11]
8. Remember [02:53]
9. Weaving Fates [01:52]
10. Colored Sea Of Infinite Visions [03:04]
11. Ceaslessly Wandering [03:15]
12. Last Word [01:48]

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