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Label:Soft Phase.            
Genre:modern classical
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

Soft Phase.  (Label) says:

"From the farthest parts of the world, XPURM brings a unique blend of piano and strings to Soft Phase. "PRUMX" is a stunning work, a cinematic ambient soundtrack for all your heartaches and hopes.

The piano is XPURM's primary instrument, with melodies and chords showing influences from modern day composers and past classical masters; from Winston to Brickman to Beethoven. XPURM's technical dexterity is extraordinary, but he also has a very soft, warm touch: these intimate solo concerts resonate at a deep level. A single pool of light around the performer, floating in a serene sea of velvet-black space.

Piano, synthesized pads, acoustic strings, and luscious reverb -- XPURM seamlessly, soothingly melts them into a wonderful, gloriously uplifting work. Gentle, brassy violin strains swell into a spritely, almost playful, ivory arpeggio; then simmer into a hushed whisper, as the piano recedes into the distance, echoes drifting in from far away. A dusky orchestral anthem closes the record, chasing away the winter rainstorm, leaving the heavens fresh and pure. The last scattered piano notes twinke like stars. Midnight comes softly in this place." -- Joshua Saddler