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CC Affiliates Mixtape #1

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Tags:singer/songwriter acoustic compilation folk
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

netwaves  (Label) says:

The mixtape has been made by the Creative Commons Affiliates - the custodians of the CC licenses in each of these countries - as a fun volunteer side-project to showcase the musical wealth of their countries. This means, and we’d like to highlight this, that these are not artists officially endorsed by Creative Commons, but rather personal favorites of some of those community members advocating sharing culture and promoting the use of CC licenses.

Across the world millions of creators are using Creative Commons licenses to promote and spread their creativity and to find a global audience. Many of these are music artists, performers and songwriters and for this year’s tape a whopping 25 countries have contributed, covering 4 continents of amazing music cultures and artistic talents of all audio trades. Dive in to discover what the world has to offer while at the same time appreciating sharing culture. Enjoy!

11 Not Enough - TaaPet (Israel)
12 Enxugando o Gelo - BNegão & Seletores de Freqüência (Brazil)
13 Demons - Qina (Kenya)
14 Favor Tweet - Takeru Ishikawa & Anji Bee - CC Asia Band (Taiwan)
15 Planet Shakers (The Paragraph remix) - MONK (Belgium)
16 Ubogi Poeta - Ortalio (Poland)
17 Dados con el Diablo - Rey Nocivo. (Costa Rica)
18 Find, Fix & Save - iNCH. (Singapore)
19 Sweet - Tamara Laurel (USA)
20 Flowers Tell - One In A Googolplex (Germany)
21 Choice - N.I.M.(Italy)
22 Hope for Rebirth - Celestial Aeon Project (Finland)
23 You Are My Mansion - Athuzela Brown (New Zealand)
24 Άλλες Ζωές - Dimitris Bakoulis (Greece)
25 Žiletky - Tvrdý / Havelka (Czech Republic)