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Label:Dusted Wax Kingdom            
Tags:Trip Hop
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

Dusted Wax Kingdom  (Label) says:

The Portuguese talent Undogmatic drops his special "Undogmatism" LP with Dusted Wax Kingdom. 17 deep mind-expanding tracks, fusion of downtempo, dark ambient, trip-hop, cinematic electronica and dub.


01 ALH84001
02 Meadows
03 Adrift I
04 Tacitamente
05 Life
06 Ataraxia
07 Mourning Swag (with Vitality)
08 Just Face It (Interlude)
09 It Ain't Easy (Melancholia Dub)
10 Secluded Graveyard
11 What The Fuck Happened To Hip Hop?
12 The Horror House
13 Edicts Of Ashoka
14 Se Eu Fosse Um Dia O Teu Olhar (Pedro Abrunhosa Cover)
15 On The Origin Of Species
16 Ephemeral
17 Dusty Desktop (Outro)

blog quote:
Stand-out tracks on this release are:

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