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Gate One

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Label:Sucu Music            
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Sucu Music  (Label) says:

Gate One is the first musical offering by Francesco Palermo, aka TNKS, and everybody here at Sucu Music is very proud of and happy for releasing such a beautiful work as this.

The nightly, highly metropolitan, electronic nature of this music meets the manipulations and visions by Purple Mountain Peal’s Gaetano Fontanazza and Tony Colina, whose intervention gives the music further colours and depth.

Gate One’ - Nervous, atonal, stabs of guitar are replaced by Gaetano Fontanazza’s trademark soundscapes and deep-space notes, which grace the breaks in the track and build momentum until the end of the track

- Tony Colina

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"the use of electronics borrows heavily from more experimental and soundscape styles of music with a bent towards being slightly more dark / dense."
The CerebralRift

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