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Soul Night

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Tags:Hip Hop
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blocSonic  (Label) says:

Somewhere in a parallel dimension, the latest material by inveterate underground hip-hop instigator Timezone LaFontaine blends seamlessly with The Who’s Eminence Front and Thin Lizzy’s Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed. Not merely content with shifting the paradigm, Timezone LaFontaine completely rearranges the paradigm into the form of a sentient, free-floating Moebius strip. The Moebius strip knows what time it is. It heads out on the road to find some music lovers who know how to get down with something coldblooded. The Moebius strip then approaches YOU at the stroke of midnight. It hands you the keys to a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, a joint, and the new Timezone LaFontaine album, Soul Night. You ease into the driver’s seat and survey the open road in front of you. The clouds part and reveal a full moon reflected in the wet pavement of a recently-passed storm. Without hesitation, you turn the key and feel the rumble of the 370 horsepower V8 engine. You hear a sinister live bass growl, all wrapped up in vinyl crackle and subtle digital glitchery. The sound of the wind along the coastal highway mixes exquisitely with Timezone LaFontaine’s deftly labyrinthine lyrics. The rhymes are a tapestry of observational musings interwoven with nods to Willie Nelson, Isaac Asimov, Fishbone, Edward Hopper, Tackhead, Salvador Dali, MC 900 Ft. Jesus, and Ray Bradbury. The beats sound like an unreleased Wax Trax! record has traveled in time back to 1974 and shacked up in a pirate radio collective. The synths sound like a tiger flexing its paws ecstatically on a Minimoog. As the bassline slithers hypnotically up and down your spine, you glance in the rear view mirror and notice the spirits of Waylon Jennings and Bernie Worrell in the back seat snapping their necks in a state of mellow euphoria. You look to the passenger seat and see your soulmate flipping off a shambling mob of zombie emcees. They weren’t invited to the proceedings because all the guest vocal slots were occupied by a who’s who of underground heavyweights: Camo, JSUN, Cheese N Pot-C, Sloe-T & Seed Verb, Donnie Ozone, Czech Norris, and The Impossebulls. It’s the endless road in the light of the moon. It’s your own reflection in a crystal-clear mirror of ultimate badness. It’s Timezone LaFontaine’s Soul Night.