How The River Runs Dry
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Released June 2015
Type Linear Obsessional
Genre rock
Size 42.80 MB
Country UK
Catalog LOR064
Tags retrro pop sounds like 60's vocal

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(Label) says:

"How The River Runs Dry" is a collection of interconnected songs that piece together a story set in British suburbia. Featuring dryly humorous lyrics and the kind of intricate arrangements (including a brass section and guest vocalists) for which the band has become known, this album, several years in the making, has been described by the band as "probably our best / most consistent work since 2002".
The Original Beekeepers are Linear Obsessional's resident pop group, and this album, running from the exquisite pop of "Cats On Window Sills" to the Sun Ra skank of "Breaking Down" demands your attention.
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