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This five track EP is made up of rich textures, full arrangements, and a brilliant sense of wonder.

"Blue" begins with the epic "Missing Lincoln". The track shifts from complex synth work and commuting IDM rhythms to a more acoustic sounding down tempo piece, before bring it all together in crescendo. The second track, "Define Grit", induces a vision of urban cinematography. The artist Grantby also springs to mind here. "Define Grit" successfully combines electronic beats, emotive ambience, and elements of jazz. The fourth track, "Slow Stitch", is another epic. The track strikes big chords against forceful, crunched beats. Synths and guitars search for the lead melody, taking the ground away. This is a track for flying high. The album closes with the fittingly named "Stony's End". A standout for "Blue", "Stony's End" pulls together everything from the previous four tracks into one outstanding musical composition. This is surely Boards of Canada style IDM at it's finest. Come sail into the blue

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