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Stephen Briggs
    Country New Zealand

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Earthbound Earthbound
Hypnotique Hypnotique

Stephen Briggs started out as a classically trained vocalist. His music teacher wanted him to learn to play an instrument and he chose the guitar. Influenced at first by the numerous superb bands of the 60’s-70’s, his guitar playing flourished later in the 80’s when he took inspiration from bands such as Jethro Tull, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Steve Hillage and Van Der Graf Generator.

Tone has always been top of his list. As he likes to say: “the number of pedals I‘ve tried and discarded is anyone’s guess!”.
He tends to record his music live from valve amps, not a computer in sight, providing a nice live analog feel to the music.

From 2000 onwards Post Rock stole his heart.

Experiments with loopers, delays and reverb began as his quest for the best sounding mix of effects continued.
In 2013 he played at the NW Loopfest 2013 in Seattle and Portland and the Y2K13 in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

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