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Tape Productions

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Released: March 2013
Country: Scotland
Label: Rec72            
Release: release
Genre: electronica
Tags: Lo-fi
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Rec72 (Label) says:

Tape players were used extensively in the recording of this album.

Please describe the production process of ‘Tape productions’ in just some sentences.

I usually work exclusively with Ableton Live but this time I decided to try & record using tape alongside my computer (like when I used to work with a 4 track Tascam recorder). I still recorded into a computer but I also re-recorded every instrument stem out to an old cassette tape then recorded back to the computer again. Then as you say, I bounced out the mastered version to the same C90 tape. Then of course back to the computer once more for creating the mp3′s. It was a long process but also very rewarding (Also, I love the sound of tape hiss).


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" engaging ride into a landscape that takes elements from different genres and styles of music, puts them in the framework of tight compositions.."

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