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Segue is Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada, currently residing in Washington D.C.. His sound is minimalist patchwork of textures and tones with a focus on the interplay of timbre. These sounds are created through the blending of various instruments (12-string acoustic and electric guitar, piano, violin, melodica, various percussive drums and instruments, didgeridoo, children's toys), incidental found sounds and field recordings. Jordan has numerous releases on netlabels such as Autoplate (Thinner), Kyoto_digital, Silent Season and his own db, which he co-manages with Shane Wilson. Much of this material is based on ambient/dub/glitch soundscapes. Being a lover of all music, his approach to music/sound composition is constantly evolving.

He began making electronic music a few years back when he discovered more danceable forms of music, but since then he has moved on to experiment and develop his own style of dub inspired electronic/ambient music. With a background in classical violin, piano and guitar, he aims to infuse instrumentation with field samples in his own inventive way. Much of the time the resulting sounds are unrecognizable from their sample sources; this experimental side of electronic music, which gives the artist complete control over the resulting sound-scape is what keeps him listening and exploring.

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