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Pandafuzz.  (Label) says:

At the end of the day, Travel is a rewarding endeavor.

But in the moment, travel is warfare.  Whether its a simple road trip, or a international jaunt, the body knows its in survival mode. There’s the unrelenting bombardment of foreign sights and sounds.  And even in moments of something so familiar like eating or sleeping, there’s always the constant unease of something being off, something being unlike home.

Rodzmatos is travel.  It’s alien interval jumps and aggressive phrasing.  It’s instrumentation and techniques that while familiar, are at the same time unfamiliar.  So while in the moment of “Until the Spirit New Sensation Takes Hold” you might find yourself turned around, or bewildered, or frustrated with its uncharted territory, at the end of the day back in the comfort of your own home, you’ve loved every goddamned minute of it.