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Brace For Gravity

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Released: January 2013
Country: USA
Label: No Source.            
Catalog: NS062
Release: release
Genre: rock
License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0  more info

No Source. (Label) says:

Rho return to No-Source Netlabel with their first batch of new material since 2010's album, 'Cedarleaf.' 'Brace For Gravity' is a brilliant, concise, and calculated release. It showcases the two distinct sides of Rho. One side is their quiet, ambient, acoustic side. Guitars tremble slowly through seas of effects in many of the shorter songs on this album. The other half of Rho is the sprawling, progressive, beat oriented instrumentals. In these pieces, rhythms, synths, and guitar work to take on an almost kraut rock nature. The title 'Brace For Gravity' suggests an epic release and these longer tracks definitely deliver. Brace yourself for Rho.