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Country: Italy
Active: since 2004
Status: Active
Website: www.nostressnetlabel.net
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Nostress is an independent netlabel based in Palermo (Italy) established in 2011 with the aim to develop its activity away from multi-national corporations with the purpose to produce and promote music unrelated to commercial circuits. This netlabel listens to and considers only original and unreleased complete albums related to Psychedelic, Space / Post Rock, Avant-garde, Electronic and Electroacoustic derived from scenarios as possible experimental and abstract.

Nostress Netlabel does not accept works that have been previously published, distributed or shared either digitally or physically. We expect that the material published on this netlabel won't be available anywhere else as a gesture of respect with our label and the effort put on every single publication.

Nostress Netlabel publishes music primarily in a digital format as MP3 with Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Releases consist of computer folders containing digital musical files (high bitrate MP3 files), complete artwork of the album with front and back cover, (common graphics files as jpg or tif 1000x1000px), a PDF file with informations of the artist (internet addresses and description of the album). Releases are published in the official website in free download. This netlabel marks every single release with an appropriate serial code in different catalogs.

Nostress Netlabel is totally self-funded and is only supported by contributions from donors solely to cover expenses and operating costs. For the same reasons and demands, in agreement with the artists, musical tracks can be recorded on media such as CDr and/or Vinyl in limited editions available with a suggested and recommended contribution of solidarity (donation).

Nostress Netlabel does not have a booking office but also periodically offers promotion for some artists, giving them the opportunity to perform live impro in theaters, pub and/or cultural, historical and tourist places in order to enhance skills and abilities and obtaining greater visibility. In addiction, this netlabel can also participate as "media partner" to musical and cultural events through the use of own web spaces and equipments for the spread of the artists information and the promotions of the events themselves and in addiction the diffusion of the music catalogs online.


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