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Ending To Beginning

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Label:Basic sounds.            
Tags:deep house
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0  more info

Basic sounds.  (Label) says:

Canadian born, Germany based producer Michael Pettit graces basic_sounds with his third Mikaere release, Ending to Beginning. Previously known as the moniker Chord, Pettit concludes his 3 part EP series with continued uplifting, organic, piano house melodies.

“A Lit Circle” opens with dub nuances and tastes of Overcast Sound, Pettit’s other well-established alias. The track effortlessly flows into a rhythmic melodic shaker with warm piano chords incorporating snippets of an older man’s voice.  “What’s in Your Heart is Now in Your Eyes” is a gorgeous infectious house track with soulful breezy vocals and gentle chords, overall warming the heart and moving your feet. “Me and You” is a sparse, sentimental, reflective track with mature sophisticated craftsmanship. “Soft Lights” closes the EP on a high note with another melodic soulful piano number combined with organic percussive sounds. Overall uniquely textured giving a classic yet contemporary house feel. Brilliant.