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Marco Lucchi
    City Modena
    Country Italy

Most Viewed Albums

The Golden Eternity The Golden Eternity
Se Da Lontano Se Da Lontano

Italian artist, curator of the O.E.S. collective.

I’m a mellow artist aging 58. I love and release eclectic music that moves from modern classical to drone, from acoustic to electro .
I’m using these tools: micropiano Korg, Manetron (iPad app), iTampura (iPad app), Eko 11 (…) string acoustic guitar, electric violin (chinese), Orla analogic expander, Hohner wooden tenor recorder, Roland controller keyboard, a little (but just a little ..) detuned piano , Squier 3/4 electric guitar, melodica, Bubble Harp (iPad app), Eko (simil Ovation ..) acoustic guitar, Peavey Composer acoustic guitar, Kurzweill micropiano, Boss loop station , Behringher multi-fx, Olympus portable digital recorder, Phonic 10 inputs mixer, Audacity, Paulstretch, various players

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