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Released: December 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Phonocake            
Catalog: phokes121
Release Page: release
Genre: electronica
Tags: ambient
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Phonocake (Label) says:

Recorded between January and July, You’re Here is the first full LP produced by Marco Cella and signed with his own name, following the conclusioni of five-years project Noisekraft. Clocking at barely 40 minutes, the album floats between ambient, electroacoustic and classical compositions envisioned as a cohesive entity; glued together by the use of field recordings and sampling from the cult move “Cyrano de Bergerac”, the result is a mixture of soft electronic shades and organic arrangements that make full use of modular, granular & vectorial synthesis. Main themes behind the narrow concept are reconciliation, ataraxia and personal rehab.