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    City Mazeikiai
    Country Lithuania

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Giriu Dvasios is a Lithuanian dub techno project by an electronic music producer and founder of Cold Tear Records label also known as SoulSonic. In lithuanian Giriu Dvasios name means „The Spirits of the Woods“. It is inspired by nature, thick lithuanian forests and ancianet mythology of this nation.

It is now a well established name in dub techno scene. Giriu Dvasios has played gigs in all the biggest lithuanian electronic music festivals.

A few words by the artist:

Girių Dvasios started just as a cool name for my dub techno works. I always visualized forests and nature when I was listening to this music, that‘s why I picked this name. I also visualized the same as I was making this music. As a result I fell in love with nature. In this process I realized that a human is not something separated from it. There are no separate things, everything is one, and everything is related and connected. Therefore, If you do not respect nature, you probably don‘t respect your self or other people as well. To throw trash around our planet is equal to trash your own body and soul.

I believe that in order to save our planet and humanity, every person has to see him self as an inseparable part of the nature. And I hope that my music is helping people to do that.

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