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Country: UK
Active: 2008 - 2017
Status: Retired
Website: fwonk.co.uk
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We’re a netlabel with a huge collections of albums and eps to download from our own roster of exciting artists. Our releases are issued under a Creative Commons license. We like Creative Commons because it allows the artists to retain control of their music and artwork, but also allows for the way of the modern internet world. Our content can be copied, pasted, edited, remixed, remastered, DJed and more, provided the original artists are credited, and provided that all subsequent works are released under a similar Creative Commons license.

Our catalogue covers a huge range of genres – from the latest dubstep grooves, through ambient drones to screaming grindcore. We don’t believe in pigeon-holing your work. Check out our back catalogue and you’ll be surprised by the variety and quality of music we have to download.

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