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Complex Silence 31

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Label:Treetrunk Records            
Catalog:treetrunk 252
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

Treetrunk Records  (Label) says:

"Dreamed Awakening" is austere, abstract, dark, interesting, mysterious, and yet beautiful in its own right. It seems to be striving to capture the sound of its own universe and that's a very good thing for a Complex Silence release.

Here is Eric's description of his creative process for this track: "It took a while for me to arrive at this piece. Mainly because I wanted something that would fit along side "Dreamed Awakening" in its simplicity. I didn't want something too compositionally dependent that would make either piece stand out or feel unconnected."

"Om of Descent" is a drone piece, but a very unique one. It is what I call a "dynamic drone" in that it evolves slowly over the course of the piece. In the past I've played with this idea solely by manipulating the drone in the stereo field (which this one does take advantage of), but with "Om", the drone gradually moves in pitch; it is consistently descending at such a slow rate that it's almost unnoticeable how far down the drone gets."

"Like my previous piece, the source of this drone is from a guitar. A single string is sustained with an ebow while the pitch is lowered over the course of 40 minutes. I then did some sound sculpting in post; layering the drone against itself with various textures that allowed it to stretch its legs a bit more."