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Get Out Of This Earthbound State

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Released: June 2017
Country: Russia
Label: Subwise            
Catalog: SBWS223
Release Page: release
Genre: downtempo
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Subwise (Label) says:

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"I remember myself in the guise of a proton, like Browning everywhere, and I meet you, and you are a neutron, and I'm ready to make up a nucleus with you, I'm eager for you, experiencing a divine attraction in my quarks, "And a few newly formed electrons will bind us forever in a stable and strong model ... But no, it was all in vain, as soon as I approached you, you immediately mockingly and even somehow mockingly jerked like the first time and immediately broke up On a proton, electron, and antineutrino.This trinity aggressively surrounded me I, and I had to flee to the distance, mourning your deadly transformation and your uncertain fate, for I was then stable, lonely and angry. "