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The 11th Bit

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Released: November 2014
Country: France
Label: Habett            
Release: release
Genre: electronica
Tags: compilation
License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0  more info

Habett (Label) says:

This be my yearly effort to reach time junction. Time goes by and the only hope is that the tracks remain, though that may sound like suicide notes, though it ain't such.
By 2014 have I let 11 albums out of my stash, but the 11th refers to the amount of computer memory it takes to enumerate the number of tracks I have produced since I started this gig.
That's how deep below my brain goes. That how sick my production drowns. In the end, what will be left from that inside of you ? Dust to wax, dub to ambient, who knows ?

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