I Then Induce
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Released September 2014
Format https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0
Type Habett
Genre electronica
Size 89.70 MB
Country France

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(Label) says:

Long have I had to desire to make an ambient album. Trying pull down my bass drum mask, I want to let my inner light meet the sun and the moon. Cosmos may be a direction but as always it’s a personal affair. Don’t let my artwork drag your down, this one is about glide, shine and brightness.Through crucial magnetism and deep thinking, I've been trying to manage a decent output while being physically restricted to the use of one arm on the first few tracks. The aim was clear but it feels again like a failure. "Try harder" said the inner voice. Maybe next time. If ever. Who cares in the end if the vibe is present ?


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