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The Beginners Guide To Looping

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Released: September 2015
Country: UK
Label: batenim            
Catalog: BN_LP015_09_15
Release: release
Genre: ambient
Length 1:16:10
License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

batenim (Label) says:

For the third time, an extraordinarily beautiful ambient album by Cousin Silas ready for a complete immersive journey made with great works with synths, piano and guitar into deep soundscapes. Cousin Silas discography already has fifty releases and made innumerable appearances on compilations and collaborative works but every release sound distinct from the last so The Beginners Guide To Looping once again confirms the ability and the talent of this great artist. Italian press and specifically Rockerilla magazine has reviewed his own album to show how valuable this artist in the great world of ambient music. batenim can only be proud.


  • For The Moment
  • Study In D.
  • Lullaby For Freddy 2
  • Golden Glow (For Stehn)
  • Bemused

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