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Country: Lithuania
Active: since 2010
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Cold Tear Records is the most productive Lithuanian label, and one of the most productive labels in dub techno, deep techno styles of music. Tracks by Evaldas and other artists were charted on beatport by DJ’s like Steve Bug and played by Rod Modell a.k.a. Deepchord.

About sharing our stuff:

We don’t mind if our music get shared on torrent networks, or any peer-to-peer download networks. However it doesn’t always fit with our digital distributor which works in purely commercial ways. But at the same time we need our distributor as they provide us with some income, which helps us moving this label forward. We also don’t mind if you upload our music to youtube. Actually quite the opposite, we encourage putting our music there. We may even get payed some royalties because of that. Also feel free to play our music on your internet or fm radio show. If anyone says otherwise, don’t believe them and contact us if you have any problems doing that. Although we appreciate when you let us know when you use our music, but just because we enjoy knowing that it is being listened and played all around the world.

Unfortunately for us, the label switched to bandcamp. New releases are no longer for free.

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