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Was The Past Really Better?

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a 3 tracks great album of impro-jazz, live recorded in New-York in 1997.

"With the distance of 15 years of this music, of this afternoon, I can't avoid to be nostalgic...
Was the Past really better? I have no answers, I just feel that this music is full of the inocence and omnipotence of times were everything was possible...
Today cynicim and weariness make impossible to desire the impossible. Because of this, this music has that perfume of clumsy and lost youth, rough and brag, completely unawere of the inevitable: defeat...
To make music is a way of ignoring this paradox, is ephemeral as sand castle building... However some castles survive the waves... This, for example...
Thanks Scott for this afternoon... For all the afternoons... For the magic and the impossible...
Thanks, Man!!! "

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