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Calle Palma

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Label:Basic sounds.            
Tags:piano ambient
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Basic sounds.  (Label) says:

Spanish producer José Barrera (aka Bite) delivers Calle Palma, basic_sounds closing netlabel release. Known for his dark immersive ambient drones Bite delivers a more tranquil, sombre, piano-driven ambient release with hints of nostalgia.

“1977” opens this full length album with a sentimental piano composition alluding to feelings of sadness. “Odisea” is a soft ambient track with crackling nature sounds and distant reverberations, giving illusions to floating though space and time. “Ensueño” is a dark gloomy ambient piece incorporating piano and alien-like distant twirling winds. The titled track, “Calle Palma” is a soft tranquil piece with delicate piano melodies, distant bird sounds and soaring ambient waves. “Flor de un dia” is another subtle piano composition that offers a sense of calmness and peace. “Agujero negro” starts off with helicopter sounding winds merged with soft distant shakers, slowly introducing dark ambient intrusions. “Espectro visible” is a spectacularly beautiful piano interlude with light ambience to coast you through. “Claroscuro” is a light uplifting piece designed to arouse your emotions. “Fuga” closes the release with calming piano sentiments. This is one of those albums that touches everyone who’s listened to it – immersive, uplifting, evocative of a variety of things that you can't quite pinpoint.


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2013    3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5