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Country: Italy
Active: since 2013
Status: Active
Website: www.batenimnetlabel.net
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batenim is an anagram of the word ambient.

batenim is an italian netlabel based in Palermo established in 2013 with the aim to promote talented artists whose only interest is to have their music officially released without any involvement in any music industry.

This netlabel listens to and considers only original and unreleased meditative, relaxing, dreamy ambient music; soundscape for indefinite and abstract places. Organic, ethereal, and mind altering; full sensory immersion music projects where the expressive power lies in the ability to create surreal atmospheres. batenim netlabel music have the power to immerse listeners in a surreal atmosphere, one that has the power to separate the mind from the body. Research and inspiration for the indefinite and infinite sound 'extended and expanded' lost in the vastness of the spaces to become intense and deep as soundscape music is or labeled as articulated by harmonic noise and environmental sounds (field recordings); experimental ambient for musicians/non-musicians and estimators of generative music using modular audio software for making music, processing and synthesizing sound in real-time.

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