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Nothing As It Seems

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Label:Sublime Porte.            
Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0  more info

Sublime Porte.  (Label) says:

Ocean Ground starts off with underwater dub chords in the style of The Nautilus Project, building a vast submarine landscape backed by a solid and hypnotic 808 drum pattern.
A Birds Migration goes deeper into dub territory, with profound metallic chord washes bouncing on the corners of the stereo spectrum.
The Dub displays hints of glitch and a great ear for sound design. The track keeps building, element after element, and feels ostensibly oriented towards a club setting, breaking up halfway just to come back stronger afterwards. The fierce chords and rotating delays are not just there for decoration either.
In Trust continues on that clubbier note, with heavy rhythm machinery going on right from the start, steady hihats and industrial sounds recalling the softer side of the Downwards discography.
Moirer feels more current, in keeping with the warehouse vibe, and features great feedback layering with subtler percussions at play.


    Ocean Ground     8:06     
    A Birds Migration     5:11     
    The Dub     7:30     
    In Trust     5:04     
    Moirer     5:42     
    Ocean Ground (Zzzzra Remix)     7:50     
    The Dub (Grad_U RE-201)     10:38     
    In Trust (Sublime Porte Remix)     8:17