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Petit Cinéma Français

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Released: June 2015
Country: Italy
Label: Sostanze Records            
Catalog: SOSEP 57
Release Page: release
Genre: techno
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Sostanze Records (Label) says:

The nature of an artist is hidden in its work. And as its usual, that is to say jumping between the artistic and production field, Sostanze Records wants to offer once again something fresh and different from the rest of the scene. Alexis feels the necessity to grow up, letting the audience understand his new tastes about the techno vibes which are evolving in the UK. And Alexis knows them. Thanks to the new record, Petite Cinema Français, he has room for experimentation, even though he is never settled in his background. The work is accompanied by three remixes produced by artists familiar to the indie net-label: BXP founder of Random Numbers, CVO, founder of the Consumer Recreation Services Recordings and Phooka, the latter founder of Concrete Records. The young dude from Gravina will come back soon on stage to beat the scene. As Cantona would say listening to the new production by Alexis: Au Revoir.