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Released: February 2016
Country: Russia
Label: Cold Tear Records            
Catalog: CTR069
Release Page: release
Genre: electronica
Tags: chill downtempo
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Cold Tear Records (Label) says:

The city that I wasn’t born in but always knew that we will meet someday. The city that never opens to anyone from the first sight, but when you get in you are to stay forever. Another turn will lead you to something that you have never seen before. It is the greatness and chaos, which is transforming to greatness in front of your eyes. I like to walk it’s quiet, almost secret alleys, knowing that in 5 minutes from me, there is an endless stream of people who are passing by, but the city keeps you safe. It’s a labyrinth which gives you the space to be with yourself or to walk hand in hand with someone special, away from all the fuss. But it is the city that never stands in one place and you have to transform and evolve together with it, never turning back. You can always feel it’s dynamic power and if you can follow it’s beat the city will support you with all the powers.

City lights are on. Taxi is taking you along the city arteries. You are not sure if whole life is enough to find it’s heart, but you can hear it pounding. And his heartbeat fills the streets and parks, homes and bars, roofs and bridges. This rhythm gives birth to the new music. You should only dare to let it in.

I always knew that we will meet and I will tell you “I love you”, my Moscow.

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