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Released: January 2018
Label: Mahorka            
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Genre: electronica
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Mahorka (Label) says:

4T Thieves has been putting out beautiful electronic music since the early demoscene days and the dawn of the netlabel scene and also is the main man behind the netlabel-cult Kahvi Collective.

"Circles" is the fourth solo 4T Thieves EP on Mahorka, after "Glass EP" from 2015, "The Digital Lagoon" from 2016 and "Details" from 2017.

"Circles" evolved into coherency from a mishmash of different styles and sketches, from free-flowing electro IDM structures ("Jams"), through the always there with 4T Thieves Scottish-Canadian influences ("Interim", "Analogue cool"), to analogue synth ambient epics ("Springy Analogy"), all inspired by experimentation with new types of sounds, new rhythmical structures and new audio hardware and software at his hands, that either made sense and were left as little tasters ("Interim") or naturally evolved into longer tracks ("Layers of obscurity"). 

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