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Released: June 2015
Country: Germany
Label: Broque            
Catalog: brq106
Release Page: release
Genre: techno
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Broque (Label) says:

“Oldschool, Baby”, that’s how you could summarise the spirit of the Broque Summer Jams. Each June, the extended Broque family leaves their bases all across the world for a few days and comes together somewhere in the middle of nowhere to turn back time and celebrate the spirit of the early days. To pay tribute to this long-standing tradition, Ucleden and friends have built a musical monument for this annual ritual. They capture the goings-on during these quite special days in five wonderfully history-conscious tracks. Tim Susa and Cie pick up and advance the Detroit reminiscences of Ucleden’s title track, while Juno6 focuses on the more essential ingredients of club music. Finally, DML surprises with a healthy dose of early 90s bleeps and breaks, which manage to capture the happy hardcore euphoria of that era in a more nerdy, understated, and – let’s face it – a more grown-up, way. There is nothing left to say for us. So let’s enjoy this moment of happy anticipation of the great things to come during the Summer Jam 2015.