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Released: July 2016
Country: New Zealand
Label: Sucu Music            
Catalog: SCM-1608
Release Page: release
Genre: ambient
Tags: shoegaze
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Sucu Music (Label) says:

We're happy to offer you the new Stephen Briggs concept ambient release with the usual shoegazish taste, out for the Netlabel Day 2016 special event. In “Hypnotique”, the vast landscapes we were used to, here enlarge their borders, thanx to the artist's skill in depicting sonic panoramas with his guitar, effects and looping. In these five long tracks you will experience relaxed arpeggios and harmonies chasing eachother through textures of guitar pads that dilate our senses. And more, reversed phrases, roaring distant low-pitched notes as rumbling distant thunders, powerful reverbed and distorted riffs and chords. There's much stuff in this five steps that are simply titled I, II, III, IV, V, a  magic digit sequence of a time-warped pendulum...
So sit back in your favorite armchair in front of a sunset, raise the volume, or take your full range headphones, click “play” and listen loud, relax, take a deep breath and count slowly from one to five and soon you'll be…
- Gaetano Fontanazza