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Released: October 2014
Country: Poland
Label: Broque            
Catalog: brq 099
Release Page: release
Genre: house
Tags: deep house
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Broque (Label) says:

Pop Booth is a our latest discovery, and one which makes our hearts beating faster: the native-born Pole Kamil Labanowicz enchants with an unbelievable debut EP, which embraces the listener with its euphoric melodies and hooks, and at the same time, shows a strong sense for deepness and house history. The title “Geometries EP” comes not by chance: in his main profession, Kamil works as a car designer for a famously elegant German car brand. His design approach – based on finding the right balance between quirky originality and catchyness – does not work for cars only but is applied in full perfection to the five tracks of his EP. Named after geometric shapes, the tracks combine light-footed melodies with Prescription-era deep vibes, what is best demonstrated by the elegant “Edges”. Putting emphasis more on the melodic side, the subtle yet rousing euphoria of “Curves”, “Lines” and “Surfaces” even recalls the likes of Rone. Obviously, rougher edges should not be missing in any good design, and hence, are present here through “Corners”, a percussive old-school deep house track, pushing straight for the dancefloor. Kamil’s “Geometries” by no means sound like the disoriented identification process often shown by debut releases, but seems as if they would have been in our ears and hearts already since ages. And one thing is certain: Pop Booth is here to stay.