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Art 001

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Released: February 2016
Country: Chile
Label: Modismo            
Catalog: M019
Release Page: release
Genre: ambient
Tags: minimal
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Modismo (Label) says:

Esteban Peña aka Eban Kröcher presents his "001 Art" EP, three minimalist and atmospheric movements. While not completely setting aside his usual sounds, more linked to minimal house and chill out, this time the compositions seem to placidly float on ocean currents swept away by warm breezes.
Small melodies appear alongside micro-sounds, creaks and granular sweeps, emphasizing the sense of tranquility but not stillness. They are rather creating mysterious atmospheres, without being disruptive, making it easy to imagine lonely forests and deserted beaches.
Letting serene sounds flow at ease, not only is an exploratory way for the author but also a gift for those who listen.
Because getting away from the stress that urban life causes us, even for the few minutes that this album lasts, is an experience that will always be welcomed.