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CC Music Reviewed:

Jarod the Sixth: The Legend of Chinn Dynasty
The CerebralRift
Jarod the Sixth: The Legend of Chinn Dynasty is a "rite of passage" work that takes hip-hop / rap to a whole new level. I hope this is the...

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High profile cc-label @BumpFood is proud about releasing this: #ccmusic


RT @coldtearrecords: New @GiriuDvasios album "Ratu" coming out tomorrow!


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(worth watching): Ruprecht

Comedy Short, 10 Minutes, HD, Color, 2014

Dr. Ruprecht Rummel recently retired from a career as a Urologist. Spending most of his time at home he gets terribly annoyed by the illegal use of leaf blowers. Despite having a Leaf Blower Hotline, the Department of Public Works does not enforce the law and regulations to battle these illegal dust blowers. Ruprecht, a proud L.A. resident, is determined to take the law in his own hands. In a much needed romantic twist, even a maverick like Ruprecht gets what he deserves.. Get it!